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Artemis Inc. Since 1997, the production and services of Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesinde 11.000m² of land in the covered area is 10.000m² in the factory continues. It manufactures its entire product range in one roof.


Nowadays Artemis A.Ş. In addition to Acrylic Bathtub and Shower Bath, Solid Surface, Linear Strainer and Steam Massage Systems, which is the leader in bath washing areas, it has become a leading company in the industry by making original designs in international standarts in the production of shower cabinets.


Artemis Inc. has institutionalized solutions to potential problems and has specialized authorized services that focus on customer satisfaction with its authorized service network spread all around Turkey.


All the products of our company which is the capital of the whole are designed and developed by Turkish engineers in ARGE-URGE department. Apart from neighboring countries, it also exports to 29 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa.


To provide high-quality production in company with personal interests of our employees, proficiencies in their fields, experiences and team spirit,
To respond the requests and wishes of our customers in a proper and quality way by creating awareness with the customer oriented works,
To carry out punctual services and high quality maintenance activities,
To be in cooperation with our customers after sale by standing behind our products and services.


To be known as the center of excellence on the production of bathtub and cabin both in Turkey and even all around the World,
To carry the product range to the maximum level on all of the products in the fields of bathing within the Artemis brand at World standards,
To continue the eco-friendly production by using sources efficiently,
To make investments, to encourage and to provide realized the profit to the stockholders in order to provide our services with continuity,
To operate in order to improve our employees and contribute to economic and social  development of our society.


To make the best of our abilities, strengths and creativity by forming a job-working atmosphere that maintains productivity, cooperation and unity,
To preserve the high standards that we generate for our technical staff, management team and all of our employees whose efforts are the source of our institutional strength,
To provide the most developed manufacturing technology and services promoting the high competence, sense of quality and respect to human dignity,
To carry out plans and projects rejecting discriminations based on language, nationality, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sectarian, age, physical disability and so on.


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