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As the Artemis® family, we aim to fulfill our duties and responsibilities towards the community we are using, efficiently using the possibilities we have.
Our institution carries out projects by considering this social, cultural, educational and environmental fields with this consciousness. Within these areas, we continue our efforts to raise the quality of life of our society, to fulfill our responsibilities towards our people, employees, families of our employees and other stakeholders.
It does not comply with legal obligations and the law, but our practices that we volunteered with our own initiative. We implement plans and projects within and outside the institution without discrimination on grounds of language, race, color, sex, political thought, belief, religion, sect, age, physical obstacles and the like. Far from prejudices, we reject the discrimination and accept the differences as the wealth and beauty of our country.

We intend to contribute to the well-being of our people, to the development of our country, each of which we will do with good will and diligence. In this context, we consider our work as citizenship.
We ensure that the resources we use in our activities are placed in the most efficient and most active way and we present them in a sustainable way. We prefer to concentrate on issues that are more limited in number, rather than in many areas when we fulfill our social responsibilities. Maintaining our concentration at the highest level, in a focused way, is really useful for our society.


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